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Description of Tool

This tool help the user to decrease the time to send your site in the top of browsers like google, yahoo, bing. You provide the url of your site and the beta version of this. This beta version must have on your local Desktop computer, for example.

The tool compare the two (or more) versions and estimate the best alternative for your site go to top of search engines.

The simplified process is:

1) You can select your site on web. ex: http://www.ungui.com.br

2) You can select your beta site, on web or Desktop. ex: http://localhost/ungui/new_site

3) The tool execute:

3.1) Compare two sites and estimate the best keywords from beta site

3.2) Compare the two sites with other sites on web. With this, the tool calculates
the aproxximate position on search engines of beta site applying statistical algorithms and optimization algorithms

4) You can view several reports that help you to quickly check the new positioning of beta site,
saving months of trying to optimize it in the search engines


This software is Open Source and you are invited to colaborate with this project.


You can download the latest release from software below:

SeoPrev from SourceForge


Screen Shots

The available screen shots from this project you can look below:

Start Page Keyword Compare Preview


Discussion Group

Please visit http://groups.google.com/group/seoprev to discuss about the tool, how contribute on development, how to use this.


- The version on screen shots is web (and very beta :), but due to some peculiarities necessary for the tool was rewritten in Java Desktop usign eclipse swt.

- The downloaded version have the source code, and is very simple. This tool needs to be written very source code ;)

- You can obtain other informations about this project talking with me. My email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it